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  • Need to upgrade your browser? Concerned with the security features of your web browser? Need competent web browser support service? RV INFOSYS is your ultimate destination. RV INFOSYS provides comprehensive internet browser support at economic price packages.
  • Today we have a wide range of choices for web browsers. However, you must choose the one that fulfils your specific needs. Different browsers have different functional advantages. The browser functionality also varies with operating system. Comparison between those wide range of functionalities is quite baffling. It is recommended to leave such decisions to a competent internet browser support service. Such internet browser support service can also help you with installing or repairing your browser.

There was a time when your choice in web browsers was limited. However that day is no more as there are several options. All of these browsers offer unique features. It would be a difficult task for users to choose from. However no matter whatever browser you choose as a user you would have to keep certain things in mind. We would provide you some of them:

  • Browse the net without leaving traces. Web surfing anonymously requires use of a VPN service which would block IP address and other personal information.
  • Use strong passwords. You should never write down passwords. You can also avail the benefits of a password manager. They would store secret codes or help you generate a strong one and would also prevent the use of same passwords by providing a unique one.
  • Sign up for a free VPN service. This would make your internet connection secure. It would prevent snooping. The free ones would surely limit downloads to certain amount a day.
  • Keep your phone locked. Smartphone are being stolen often. In case the phone has not been locked and you have added a free remote data wipe app then the thief could sell private data which you had stored on the phone.
  • Avail software updates facility. Several security experts do recommend that you have to download the updates automatically. Ensure that the Windows are set to download as well as install updates automatically.
  • Use a casual e-mail address. A person cannot spend much time on Web without encountering a site which cannot be used unless you register by giving an e-mail address. You can also forward messages received at any casual address.
  • Use a good security suite. You can also use a firewall. It would protect the system from all forms of virus. You can keep a boot disc with you always.
  • Restrict online financial activities. You may never how secure are the transactions. See to it that you use only single online payment gateways like PayPal else there are more chances of scams and tracking.
  • Email should be viewed as plain text. You should not allow images to display in the messages you receive from senders who you do not know. This reduces the chances that an email reduces the chances of malware entering via email. It would be activated by just viewing its host message.

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