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E-mail is one of the popular forms of communication to keep in touch with member of the family, business associated and so on. It has to be used wisely else the account would be susceptible to phishing scams, online threats and other virus. Just keep in mind the tips provided by us:

  • Obtain all-inclusive security software which would protect the PC from worms, viruses, Trojans, spam, phishing scams. It would also have a firewall which would monitor all Internet connection and prevent unwanted traffic to and from PC. Keep the security suite updated.
  • Provide your e-mail address to trusted sources. Never post them on Web sites, chat rooms or forums. If it is posted then you are vulnerable to receive spams or having it revealed to others. In order to receive confirmation emails, online transactions or receiving newsletter you can use a generic email ID.
  • While opening attachments be careful of opening it. Download carefully and from trusted sources only. Any malicious programs make entry through carelessness of the user. Ensure that the security suite is enabled while these activities take place and pay attentions to the warnings given.
  • Check for phishing scams. These use fake e-mails and Web sites, camouflaged as legal businesses to persuade unsuspecting users into disclosing login details. Always ensure that the website you visit is legitimate. Never click any link from the mail, instead copy it and open it separately from the browser.
  • Do not provide critical information through email. Never ever give credit card details, private information and social security number.
  • Do not reply to spam e-mail. Never respond to the mails of unknown senders. If you reply to spam mail then it is equal to inviting more trouble for you.
  • Create an intricate e-mail address as it would make it difficult for the hackers to auto generate email, send spam mail and target it for various attacks. Ensure you come up use an address which you can remember easily. Use numbers, letters as well as other characters making it an exceptional combination.
  • Create strong passwords as this would make it difficult for the hackers to crack the password. Create a smart one which consists of numbers, capital letters, special characters and use more than six characters.
  • In a pop-up screen never enter any personal details. A phisher would direct you to a fake website and would use your details for any mal purpose. You can install pop-up blocking software to help prevent this type of phishing attack.

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